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Business Operations

Business Operations

Re1nvention operators have the curiosity, flexibility and drive to work with your teams to support day to day operations and where possible provide ideas to improve (part) of your processes, during one-time change events, transformation or spikes in business volumes.

Our experts are used to work in different environments and so could support in any Industry and function;  Finance, Procurement, HR, Supply Chain, Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Operations etc.

Our operators are given the opportunity to be on a steep learning curve and flexibility in which industry or capability they want to extend their next career step.

Re1nvention’s Business Operations Services operates aggressively into the market due to low overhead costs & simple, straightforward, contracts with market relevant rates for rapid activation. Single layer of management but working under the management as an extension of your own

Value Transformation & Change

Value Transformation & Change

Re1nvention consultants support you in driving a transformation journey leveraging different levers, e.g., optimization, centralization, digitization and/or automation.

Mature your shared service center or GBS to transform from being a cost center into a value center with up to 20 % efficiency.

It’s well known that the best performing companies outperform others when they focus on achieving the expected value from transformation initiatives.

Our consultants support you in defining the strategy and rethinking ways of working, supporting execution, and monitoring the achievements.

Project Management

(Capital) Project Management

Re1nvention project managers will support your large en valuable (capital) projects which take time and large investments are required. Our experts are specialized in project management methodologies but they are also able to fulfil other important elements too: alignment with strategy and business goals, stakeholder management, collaboration and communication, progress visibility and monitoring, risk management and importantly a relentless focus on quality and added value.

Our (capital) project and program experts support you to pull all these levers, because each is necessary to raise the curtain on capex projects and this all with a neutral lens.

Sustainability Services


Re1nvention experts can support you in defining and rolling out your sustainability agenda. Reducing carbon emission footprint is essential for all of us and our future.

Sustainability Services can help you achieve a competitive advantage. Our (capital) project and program experts will help you in providing the necessary insights (ESG reporting), Capital Procurement (like set up windmill farms) and Capital Project management (like new manufacturing plants) and at the same time define, develop and implement the necessary change (people, process and solution).

Robotics & AI

Robotics & AI

Re1nvention robotics experts will support you in the creation of robots to perform tasks without further human intervention, and with AI use cases, where systems emulate the human mind to learn, solve problems and make decisions on the fly, without needing the instructions specifically programmed.

Our experts can support you to find the best use case, drive value, prepare the business case and help you build your own capability. This capability will help you to run your operations in a much smarter way and you will be able to access the market and your clients faster and more efficient.

programmed. We can support you to find the best use case, drive value and help you build your own capability.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Re1nvention experts are specialized in the never-ending increase of regulatory industry requirements. They can lift your regulatory compliance burden with optimal solutions, customised for your organisation and industry, through the entire lifecycle of regulatory demands.

Solutions include extending your team with AML & KYC experts, support in automating your regulatory processes and advice on how to leverage analytics to optimise your regulatory compliancy.

experts, support in automating your regulatory processes and advice on how to leverage analytics to optimise your regulatory compliancy.


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